27th European Summer Academy

Challenges for the European Union in the World

2 - 10 September 2016 in Bonn, Luxembourg and Brussels

The Summer Academy was founded in 1990. For more than 25 years we unite young people of all backgrounds and from entire Europe for a 10 days venue each summer in Bonn. Exchange, learning and dialogue on integration issues are the main focuses of the encounter. In times when Europe seems to drift apart politically, we seek to deepen the understanding of each other’s thoughts and needs without losing our own different perceptions. This is an essential key for resolving today’s problems, not only in Europe. For this reason the Summer Academy has never lost its importance. This is shown by the patrons of the Academy, leading Europeans as Jean-Claude Juncker, Javier Solana and Martin Schulz - just to name a few.

Programme and Methodology

Up-to-date information on current European & international topics are provided by specialists from science, governments as well as European institutions. In order to refresh or deepen your knowledge of integration issues, its policy areas and its institutions we start with a brief review of European basics. (Panel) discussions encourage the participants to delve into the topics more deeply. An excursion to Brussels and possibly other European headquarters with information visits to these institutions offers first-hand information from European and international civil servants. You are given a unique possibility to look behind the scenes of these structures.

Participants and Requirements

The Summer Academy is designed für motivated young Europeans from academia, governments, business and politics as well as interested students with an expertise in European Studies/EU studies from all fields and from all countries. Participants should be familar with the European integration process and bring an interest in active participation and dialogue. A good command of English is required. German language skills are welcome; tuition language is English.

The GSI European Academy Bonn

For 65 years our work follows the ideas of Gustav Stresemann and Aristide Briand, both awarded with the Noble Peace Prize in 1926, to improve pan-European understanding and to promote international cooperation. The GSI European Academy Bonn is an independent, non-profit institution for citizens’ training and international exchange. It is not affiliated to any political party or other background. GSI is universe and not linked to any religion.

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XXVII. European Summer Academy

Challenges for the European Union in the World


The Summer Academy 2016 takes place from

2 - 10 September in Bonn, Luxembourg and Brussels.


The program of the 27th Summer Academy includes:


Simulation games
Intercultural dialogue


Luxembourg and Brussels:

Dialogue with members of EU institutions and NGO's